Landisville Church Of God

Welcome to a place where community, faith, and love come together in harmony. Landisville Church Of God is not just a place of worship, but a sanctuary where individuals from all walks of life can come together to find peace, purpose, and connection.

The Heart of Landisville Church Of God

At Landisville Church Of God, we understand that life can be challenging and that we all face struggles and doubts along our spiritual journey. However, within our doors, you will find a supportive and welcoming community that embraces you just as you are.

Joining Landisville Church Of God

When you step inside Landisville Church Of God, you are greeted with open arms and a sense of belonging. Our services are filled with uplifting music, inspiring messages, and opportunities for growth and connection.

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Conclusion of Landisville Church Of God

FAQs about Landisville Church Of God:

  • What are the service times at Landisville Church Of God?
    Our service times are Sundays at 9:30am and 11:00am.
  • Is there a children’s program at Landisville Church Of God?
    Yes, we offer a fun and engaging children’s program during our services.
  • Can I get involved in community outreach at Landisville Church Of God?
    Absolutely! We have various opportunities for volunteering and outreach initiatives.